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Jonathan Aburey Undercover Detective

Created By Antonio Garza

It was a dark and stormy night. The thunder cracked and the rain poured. I wasn’t expecting a job that night. Who would go out in that kind of weather? Sadly I was mistaken, for that night would be a long one. In all my career as a detective, I never saw anything like what awaited me.

I sat in my office reading the paper. There was a story on the front page about the mysterious murders that had been going on for the past month. I wanted to help catch the guy, but I don’t work well with the police force. Not anymore. My secretary Julia, knocked on my door and stepped in.

“Sir may I go home? It’s getting quite late,” she said “Yeah sure, no one in this town needs a private detective anyway,” I said angrily. “Everyone thinks they can handle things. Or they think the police will save them. Yet the murders haven’t been solved in over a month!”

Julia stared at me blankly. Then she grabbed her purse and walked away. I looked out my window and then saw a nice car pull up in the parking lot of my office. I was bewildered but glad, as I had been bored for quite a while and was thinking of retiring. I puffed up my chest to seem bigger as she walked in. She was short with a round face and large eyes and wore a lot of makeup. She had a white fur coat and under that a red dress with high heels that made it seem like she was always limping. She looked absolutely panicked and horrified.

“Detective!” She screamed, “I need your help desperately!”
“Calm down,” I said. “Now explain the situation exactly as it is.”
She took a deep breath and said, “For the past month, my husband has been kicking me out of my house at midnight and when I peep through the windows I see a fire and men in robes.”
“Hmmm, interesting. Did something happen that might have triggered this sort of behavior?” I asked.
“Well our son died in war around a year ago,” she stated and began tearing up. “But I don’t understand how that could affect him a year after his death.”
“Some people cope later than others and in many different ways,” I said trying to explain something I didn’t even understand.
“Yes I suppose so. Here is our address. I want you in the action, but stay hidden. If my husband sees you, I don’t know what he will do.”
“I’ll do the best I can. I will have to charge double considering the stakes and the fact that you want me in the house,” I said confidently.
“Anything to get my poor husband back,” she sobbed.

I was driving to the Perez’s house when I turned the radio on. They were discussing the murders that had been happening. I was furious. These people would rather use a real event to boost publicity of the radio show and not try and solve it. One day I will find out who killed those people, I swore to myself. I arrived at the house at approximately two-thirty am. The house was nice. Everything inside was either white, a cream color, or pastel pink. It looked so perfect like right out of a magazine. My amazement soon stopped when I remembered my job there.

 I held a flashlight in front of me with one hand and a small knife in the other. I checked all the bedrooms and still they all looked neat and perfect except the master bedroom. There were black patches most likely from fire and a lot of newspapers about some war hero kid who died. The kid’s face however was cut out of all the newspaper clippings. I presumed they were pictures of my client’s son.. I saw some candles laying on the floor each with weird symbols molded into them. The bed had scissors and blood on it. Something more was going on and if I didn’t find out what my name isn’t Johnathan Aubrey.

I continued looking around the house in every cupboard and closet and yet, nothing.The only place left to search was the bedroom. Then I heard a sharp noise. Like thunder but, closer…It was coming from the garage! Of course!
As I neared the door to the garage I heard chanting and something about a sacrifice. I gripped my knife tighter and kicked the door open. I was shocked at what I saw. There were people in long black robes holding candles and they had fire burning in front of them. Surrounding the fire were the faces that someone had cut out of the newspaper. Then I saw Mrs. Perez standing there, smiling like she planned this all out. She started laughing and I stood in horror. Then I felt something hit my head and I was out.

I woke up and I was tied to a pipe and hanging from the ceiling Like a fly in a spider’s web, I was powerless. The people in robes were still chanting and the fire grew and grew. I felt angry. Mrs.Perez had deceived me. She said she needed help with her husband’s scheme. How could I have been so stupid. The newspaper clippings had titles like “Local war hero Cory Perez has died.” He was their son and they are trying to bring him back!

 I panicked and I grew closer to the fire. Then I remembered I had a knife in my pocket if I could just reach it. Yes! I got the knife and slowly started cutting myself free. I dropped to the ground and looked around. The men in robes and Mrs. Perez started at me, right behind them were bodies. They must have been the ones who had been doing the murders. I wanted to stay back and fight for justice, but I was out numbered. And I needed help. So I dashed for the door as the men in robes pulled out knives and I tried my best to fight back but not kill. I finally reached the door. As I kicked one more of them I ran out and got into my car. I just started driving. I didn’t know where I was headed, but I just went. I got to a McDonald’s and sat in the parking lot thinking about what just happened. I decided that my way of bringing justice that night was calling for help and telling the police. I dialed 911 and told them everything.

That brings us to today. It has been a month and Mr and Mrs Perez are under arrest for murder, assault, and kidnapping. Their son passed away and they wanted him back. So they hired a cult to help them. They would bring innocent people and kill them. “It was a sacrifice to see our son,” pleaded Mrs. Perez. “I just miss him!” I saw their trial on television. Brutal and fair, they got life in prison. Oh, gotta go, Looks like I have another job. ‘Till next time, this is Johnathan Aubrey signing off.’

The end

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