The Madera Technical Exploration Center

(Madera TEC) is an innovative new school that provides engaging, hands-on instruction to Madera eighth graders.

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Our Labs

Madera TEC is organized into six career-themed labs, selected to align with important career fields in the region and also to help prepare students for our robust high school Career Technical Education program.

Madera TEC is a powerful launching pad to prepare students for their high school experience. Take the opportunity to learn by doing and join the Madera TEC family!

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October 2021
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Imagine a classroom where students are gathered around projects. The room is buzzing with excitement as students are working collaboratively designing plans for the school garden, building model trucks to learn about force and motion, debating the safety of GMO foods, and using their critical thinking skills to imagine the future of technology in agriculture.

The Entrepreneurship and Marketing Lab promotes exploration of concepts in commercial research, product development, business fundamentals, and marketing. Entrepreneurs are company founders that take an idea and develop it into a business.

In the Health Science Lab, students will explore patient care, sports medicine, mental and behavioral health, and many other health career pathways. Student projects will focus on developing and offering solutions to health care needs within the community of Madera.

The Manufacturing and Engineering Lab will prepare students for success in the high school manufacturing and engineering pathways. Future careers in this pathway include Metal Fabricators, Welders, Machinist, CAD/Drafting Designer, Product Developer, Mechanical Engineer, and Robotics Engineer just to name a few.

The Media and Performing Arts Lab offers young creative minds the opportunity to explore the world of Art, Media, and Entertainment. While careers in this industry include videographer, graphic designer, YouTuber, journalist, photographer, editor, and performer, the skills learned in this lab will be applicable to nearly every career path.

The scene… The class gathered around a chalk outline, blood splattered across the ground, hair fibers and fingerprints providing evidence for analysis. Community partners walking students through evidence collection. Students engaging in the investigative process and evidence collection with community partners, following historical clues in the form of primary and secondary sources.