Madera Technical Exploration Center Principal, Alyson Rocco, is proud to have created an environment where students learn by doing! The culture on campus aims to ignite passions that lead students to pursue future aspirations in high school, college and career. As a former Madera High School graduate and Future Famers of America (FFA) member, she was drawn back to Madera Unified five years ago to lead this passion project for our students. The evidence of student learning  and growth is what continues to motivate her as a leader. Prior to serving Madera Unified, she spent fifteen years in Clovis Unified, ten as a classroom teacher and five in administration at all levels: elementary, intermediate and high school. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Teaching Credential at San Diego State University, her Master’s in Education from Fresno State University, and her Administrative Credential through Fresno County Office of Education. Alyson and her husband, Bobby, have been married for fourteen years. They have two young daughters. As a family they enjoy sports, traveling, reading, home improvement projects and game nights.

GABBY FARIA-LOPEZ, Dean of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Gabby Faria-Lopez joins the Madera TEC team this year and considers herself one of the lucky ones because inspiring youth through hands-on exploration is her dream and her passion. Throughout her time in the classroom, her goal was always to help students find their spark and to develop skills that will transcend the classroom. She believes in prioritizing connection, relationships, and belonging as a gateway to deep and meaningful learning.

Gabby is a lifelong learner and views learning as a highly integrated and interconnected art form. She began her educational journey in the world of piano and taught music for over 10 years. She returned to school to pursue a passion for science and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology and Chemistry. She earned her Teaching Credential and a Master of Arts degree in Education. Her emphasis during the program was on the generation of scientific literacy within English Language Learning communities. Consistent with her love of learning, she returned to school to obtain her Administrative Credential and an additional Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership. She has had the great pleasure of teaching high school chemistry for the past 6 years and served as the Graduate Profile Site Lead for Matilda Torres High School last year. She lives for the sparkle in students’ eyes as they grow and learn and in the generation and promotion of positive and collaborative school cultures.

She is driven by her desire to see her students’ and her teams’ success and happiness in addition to her own family’s. Her favorite places in the whole world are collaborating with her teams, at a piano bench, on a yoga mat, and anywhere her husband and son are. She lives by the words of Marcus Aurelius and wholeheartedly believes that the ‘happiness of our lives depends on the quality of our thoughts’.

Our Mission

“Madera Technical Exploration Center exists to build strong relationships with students and the community through project-based, career-themed education rooted in real-world experiences. Madera TEC is where students are empowered to learn by doing.”

Our Vision

“To transform education, we will use an integrated approach that keeps equity and evidence of student learning at the heart of decision making.”

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