The Madera Technical Exploration Center

(Madera TEC) is an innovative new school that provides engaging, hands-on instruction to Madera eighth graders.

Madera TEC is organized into six career-themed labs, selected to align with important career fields in the region and also to help prepare students for our robust high school Career Technical Education program.

The six labs include:​
Madera TEC operates as an optional half-day program. If choosing Madera TEC, students will still attend their current middle school for half of their day and will come to our campus for either a morning or an afternoon program.
There are many things that make the Madera TEC approach special. Some of the key features include:
  • Emphasis on real-world, hands-on learning
  • Student work is organized around engaging projects
  • A new facility that includes lab and workshop spaces
  • Opportunities to learn from and with business partners in the Madera community
  • Teaching teams that work together to blend topics from three different courses
  • Focus on building skills that prepare students for success in high school, college, and career
While at Madera TEC, students will receive three courses of credit:
  • One lab-themed elective
    (such as Agriculture, Health, Public Safety, etc.)
  • One English Language Arts course
    (8th Grade English)
  • One additional core course
    (8th Grade Math, Science, or History – varies by lab)
The rest of the student’s course schedule, along with clubs, athletics, and lunchtime activities will all take place at their home middle school. The district will provide free transportation for students between their home school and the Madera TEC campus and back.

Madera TEC is a powerful launching pad to prepare students for their high school experience. Take the opportunity to learn by doing and join the Madera TEC family!

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