Health Science Lab
In the Health Science Lab, students will explore patient care, sports medicine, mental and behavioral health, and many other health career pathways. Student projects will focus on developing and offering solutions to health care needs within the community of Madera. Students will be using some of the most up-to-date medical technology in our lab, including a fully interactive and life-sized Anatomage Table, which will let you explore human anatomy with the swipe of a hand. Students will also develop professional skills taking vital signs, dissecting and observing real anatomy, and learning life-saving techniques like First Aid and CPR. The Health Science Lab will give students the opportunity to earn their science, English, and elective credit. Our focus on real-world learning and building skills will give students a jump-start for success in high school. In the healthcare industry, our students are doing more than building a career. They are caring for others, changing lives and, in turn, changing your own. The Health Science lab will help students begin this journey.
Our Teaching Team

JORDAN MORGAN, English Teacher

Jordan Morgan has a Master’s Degree in English from CSU, Fresno and has been teaching for twenty years at the college level and four years in the public schools. He has a Bachelor’s in History from CSU, Fresno, and still loves to study history. He loves teaching because he believes in the excellence of every student. When he is not teaching, he is reading weird fiction and chasing his three children. Though he was never a Boy Scout, the best piece of advice he has been given was, “Be prepared,” and Mr. Morgan does his best to be prepared for class, life, and the zombie apocalypse.

DANAE PASTRANO, Science Teacher

Danae Pastrano began teaching 4 years ago in Lancaster, CA. She has taught 7th and 8th grade Science the entire time. Her love and passion for helping students not only fall in love with science but learn problem-solving skills within the world of science are apparent in her teaching. The passion for teaching comes naturally, as both her mom is a school teacher and her dad is a pastor of a congregation in the LA area. Both have passed on the passion for helping people succeed in whatever way possible. Danae chose science to make a difference.

Danae is a firm believer in students learning by doing. This is the driving force behind her teaching methods. At MTEC, she believes students will learn by being involved in what they are passionate about. In this case, Health.

Danae recently got married and enjoys being wherever her husband is when not in the class. She sings, plays, bakes, sews and travels in her spare time. Living life to the fullest and being around the ones you love is the foundation for Danae’s life.

“Failure is just the beginning of success. Once you fall, get up and try again, until you succeed.”

JESSICA SCHENDEL, Health & Medical Teacher

I have a CTE Health Science and Medical Technologies cleared credential. Before coming to MadTEC I served as Fowler High School’s Health Science teacher, teaching both their Medical Careers class and their Allied Health class. I also taught dual enrollment classes as I have a Masters’s Degree in Kinesiology. When I am not working I like to coach softball, hang out with friends, or just relax at home with my pups. I was raised to value and respect a person’s time because that is something that one can never get back. I love to travel. The biggest trip that I have ever gone on was a trip to Israel, and one of my favorite places to visit so far is Hawaii but there is much more to be explored. We are all ever-changing and ever-growing, and my goal is to never grow stagnant but to always continue moving forward.

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