Manufacturing & Engineering Lab

The Manufacturing and Engineering Lab will prepare students for success in the high school manufacturing and engineering pathways. Future careers in this pathway include Metal Fabricators, Welders, Machinist, CAD/Drafting Designer, Product Developer, Mechanical Engineer, and Robotics Engineer just to name a few.  

Students in the Manufacturing & Engineering Lab will build their foundation of industry knowledge through authentic hands-on, cross-curricular projects focused on solving problems within their community. Industry and community partners will be invited to drive the types of products developed in the lab and to offer their experience in order to support students through the design process.

Students who select this lab will develop products that are needed in the community as well as gain industry skills to help with careers in manufacturing, engineering, and robotics. The lab will research, develop plans, create prototypes, pitch ideas and build products for clients. Through the use of industry-standard tools and machines like welders, straight edges, circular saws, drill presses, 3-D printers, CNC mills, and computer software programs students will gain the skills needed for future education and career success.

Our Teaching Team

Justin Anderson

Manufacturing & Engineering Lab

Justin Anderson comes to Mad TEC with over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and construction trades. Justin attained his preliminary CTE teaching credential in Manufacturing and Construction from Orange County Office of Education. He began his career in education as a high school manufacturing and welding teacher in Mendota, CA. He has taught Introduction to Product Development, Welding I, and ROP Welding focusing on teaching students industry skills they can take with them into a career in the skilled trades. Justin is proud to be born and raised right here in Madera, California and is enjoying raising his family, vacationing in Mexico, volunteering in the community, and teaching the youth of Madera.

Arnido Aranico Jr.

Manufacturing & Engineering Lab

When people are asked about Arnido Aranico Jr. of the Manufacturing & Engineering Lab, these are the traits used to describe him:

Inspiring. Energetic. Passionate.

Arnido Aranico has worked in Madera Unified for 13 years & has a deep love for the community. Originally from San Diego, CA, Aranico moved up to the Central Valley to attend California State University, Fresno. Shortly after attaining his teaching credential he took on a teaching position at Madera South High School, believing that the students of Madera had more passion for learning than any other students in the Central Valley, and he was right. “Do, or do not. There is no try,” is his daily mantra and through that mindset, he instills growth and success in his students. His belief is that education should be engaging, interactive, relevant and most importantly FUN.

Douglas Pool

Manufacturing & Engineering Lab

Douglas Pool has been a mathematics and an introduction to engineering/robotics teacher in Madera Unified since 2012. He values teaching students how to think through problems and develop solutions like an engineer and a mathematician. He is inspired by the students of Madera, who continuously exceed his expectations in creativity and ingenuity when approaching complex situations. Building positive relationships with students has been the foundation of his teaching philosophy ever since he had a principal inspire him by saying, “Students will work for teachers they fear and respect, but they are inspired for life by the teachers they love.” He enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games, watching anime, and working with drafting/CAD schematics during his down time. He spends time working with robotics so he will be viewed favorably during the eventual robot uprising.

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